Making the best beer possible

Treat yourself to the widest range of beers in town! Came to inception in 2017, Beerlicious today stands tall as a beer house that beautifully marries the comfort of a home with the ambiance of a pub.

Jz In Reality

Up and above

From twinkling lights treating your eyes to cool breeze refreshing you, our view from the 9th floor sure promises to soothe your.

Hitting the right chords

Providing platform to budding artists and treating our guests to the tunes of the famous ones, our live gigs are to vouch for.

Tickling bones

They say laughter is the best medicine, and we promise to serve its best dose through our amazingly talented stand-up comedians.

Place for everyone

Inclusivity is what we seek. People across all age groups feel comfortable in each other's company has been our approach since inception.


Weekends are meant to be uber chilling!
When all you want is to sit back, chat with your gang over scrumptious food and a wide range of beer and wine, we promise to serve you the best in town. Our weekends are made special as we add the perfect buzz by inviting exciting bands and stand up comedians from around the county.